Sweet Delights innovative range of cake decorations and sprinkles are supplied in a unique 4-in-1 shaker format, and made according to the highest food safety specifications.

Our “Delights” range of luxury toppings uses a wide selection of colourful sprinkles full of taste in thoughtful combinations to decorate your cakes or desserts. Every packaged sprinkles shaker offers four tasty sprinkle and decorations blends, combined for an instant all-in-one solution.

Cake Delights – Cake & Ice-cream Toppings

Rainbow Sprinkles 19g

Choc Sprinkles 20g

Pearls 21g

100 & 1000’s 27g

Decadent Delights – Luxury Cake Decorations

Ebony & Ivory 20g

Petit Dragees 26g

Choc Pearls 18g

Choc Flakes 21g

Fairy Delights – Decorative Sprinkles

Fairy Dust 27g

Stars 18g

Fairy Wands 19g

Hearts 18g

Pearl Delights – Luxury Cake Decorations

Jade 21g

Marble 21g

Rose 21g

Lilac 21g

Sugar Delights – Luxury Sugar Toppings

Emeralds 27g

Rubies 27g

Topaz 27g

Sapphires 27g