Miami Canners, situated in the Limpopo Province close to a small town called Letsitele, is owned and managed by Mark & Yolande Pieterse. Miami Canners was first established in 1984 by late Jan Welthagen (snr) and was known for their delicious jams. The Limpopo area’s climate has warm humid summers with mild winters allowing for a number of agricultural products to grow and thrive throughout the year. Miami Canners began to experiment with the various fresh produce they had at their disposal. The product lines increased from jammed products and began to branch into various products with 15 lines of various products available today on shelf under the Miami Canners brand.

Cocktail Gherkins

Sweet & Tangy Cocktail Gherkins 265g

Sweet and Tangy Hamburger Sliced Gherkins 380g

Sweet and Tangy Sandwich Sliced Gherkins 380g

Sweet & Sour Gherkins 380g

Sweet & Tangy Gherkins 380g

Dill Gherkins 380g

Sweet & Sour

Sweet & Tangy Cucumbers 380g

Dill Cucumbers 760g

Diced Gherkins 760g

Diced Gherkins with Onions 760g

Diced Gherkins with Onions & Cherry Peppers 760g

Pickled White Onions 400g & 780g

Pickled Brown Onions 400g & 780g